Bioval Bio BBB's Non-Marking Ammo is the only Bio BB approved for use by the USA Department Of Natural Resources, WA.



Bioval and its team of Distributors is not just a collection of people running a business. We believe in what we do and we have been developing, producing and selling biodegradable airsoft ammunition for 15 years. Bioval Bio BBB's Non-Marking Ammo is the only BB approved for use by USA Department Of Natural Resources, WA. The Bioval BBB was first developed in 1994 and originally intended to meet the ever more demanding environmental specifications of Military and Law Enforcement Training (MILE-T) and at the same time reduce the costs of their annual training cycles. Bioval has produced the first truly bio-degradable bb to be adopted and used in the sport of Airsoft.  Our attention to detail and quality control make the Bioval BBB products the accepted benchmark in both MILE-T and Airsoft. Raising-the-bar in airsoft (Biodegradable Ammunition Technology since 1994).