Bioval Bio BBB's Non-Marking Ammo is the only Bio BB approved for use by the USA Department Of Natural Resources, WA.



Think, Teach, Practice, Preach, Design and Demand Safety! Always check twice -  safety is your responsibility!

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in damage to property, serious injury, or death.


1. Airsoft guns are not toys. Keep all airsoft guns and ammo away from children.

2. Handle all airsoft guns as if they are loaded.  No exceptions.

3. Keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

4. Be sure of your target and what’s beyond it.

5. All Airsoft ammunition is to be considered dangerous and safety precautions must be taken.  All Airsoft ammunition is considered dangerous high velocity projectiles.

6. The Bioval BBB, BBBMAX, BBBTREX, BBBFLUO and (BBBTARGET) are not toys. Keep all Bioval BBB products away from children or persons under 18yrs of age.

7. The Bioval BBB, BBBMAX, BBBTREX, BBBFLUO and BBBTARGET constitute a slipping and choking hazard.

8. The Bioval BBB, BBBMAX, BBBTREX, BBBFLUO and BBBTARGET must be used with certified full face, head and neck protection. The use of protective face masks, protective helmets and other protective equipment must conform to the guidelines and policies of the reduced energy non lethal simulated munitions protective equipment manufacturer. Please read their safety manuals very carefully before use.

9. The Bioval BBB, BBBMAX, BBBTREX, BBBFLUO and BBBTARGET must be used in areas clearly marked as dangerous and off limits to persons not wearing proper protective equipment and under the supervision of qualified personnel whose responsibility it is to enforce all safety rules.

10. Do not fire Airsoft weapons at persons, animals or property.

11. Do not use Airsoft weapons rated at higher than 1 joule. The 1 joule limit must be established by a certified government entity only.

12. Bioval Technologies and its distributors or dealers cannot be held responsible for loss or damage, injuries, or death resulting from the use or misuse of the Bioval BBB, BBBMAX, BBBTREX, BBBFLUO and BBBTARGET. If you have any doubts or questions regarding these rules please do not use any Bioval products and contact your nearest Dealer or Distributor as soon as possible.